Welcome to ASMS


ASMS is a joint venture between the Cement Australia Group and the Edward C Levy Co (USA) formed in 1989 to service the slag-handling contract at BlueScope Port Kembla NSW. ASMS is contracted to collect and treat molten slag from the blast furnace and the steel making processes. We are responsible for the processing and marketing of approximately 1.2 million tonnes of slag per year. 

ASMS is a diverse company that can be broken into two major categories:-

  • Supplier of Materials to Industry
  • Steel Mill Services


We market approximately 1.2 million tonnes of slag-based products to industry. 


Specifically these industries include:-

  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Cement Manufacture
  • Concrete Building Products
  • Road Building 
  • Asphalt
  • Agriculture

To service these markets ASMS produces products directly at the BlueScope Steel furnaces or at our specialised plants. Through two distinct streams of slag we produce differing materials. From blast furnace slag we produce granulated slag, concrete aggregates and blended products such as road bases and masonry products. From BOS slag or steel furnace slag we produce asphalt aggregates, roadbase materials, specialised fill application materials and agricultural products. We have a team of product specialists to assist you directly with products to meet your specific application.


ASMS provides BlueScope with steel mill services on an every day every hour operation and where safety and operational availability are critical. These services commence at the heart of BlueScope Steel operations at the Blast Furnace and the Basic Oxygen Steel Making Plant (BOS). At the Blast furnace we own and operate plant and equipment to process molten Blast Furnace Slag into products for the construction industry. This includes a granulator at the Blast Furnace and Air Cooled Pit Operations. At the BOS we provide slag pit operations and the handling of Kish, skull material, rubble and other steel making co-products. In addition to these services we also provide metal recovery, metal refining, mill scale collection and processing services and environmental services.

ASMS has a strong focus on Safety, Environment and Quality and we hold ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certifications.

BV Triple Cert